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BeatStars launches ethical AI tool for song ideas

The company says the initiative, which helps BeatStars creators overcome artistic obstacles by generating melodies and chord progressions as a foundational framework for track development, aligns with an ongoing dedication to ethical AI development, focusing on empowering the creator community.

Developed in collaboration with music technology company Lemonaide, Seeds by Lemonaide adopts an ethical strategy for AI training, involving a voluntary community of producers who receive compensation for sharing their work and providing feedback. Thanks to the partnership, starter and professional subscribers can now access AI for idea generation and creative stimulation.

The BeatStars community will enjoy an 80% price reduction for the Starter subscription plan, now priced at $19.99 annually. This plan offers unlimited track uploads and free access to Beatstars Publishing. With this lower fee, BeatStars aims to support over 10 million creators worldwide, making it accessible across various markets. Existing marketplace members will receive prorated credits for significant savings.

The new Professional plan, formerly known as Pro Page, retains the popular customisable webstore feature along with no-cost publishing services. Providing even more value for creators to help them succeed, the new Professional plan includes three free BeatID scans per month, discounts and credits for BeatStars’ popular Promote feature, and exclusive access to a selection of free PROkits, an incredible value featuring popular sound kits from top BeatStars producers.

“We’ve taken significant steps to make our platform even more accessible and benefit-driven for the global community of creators and aspiring entrepreneurs,” BeatStars founder and CEO Abe Batshon said. “Everything we’re doing is geared toward helping a greater number of creators in every region of the world achieve their dreams, which has always been my goal and the mission of this company.”

In related news, YouTube earlier this week published a set of AI music principles aimed at fostering creative expression and safeguarding artists on the platform. The principles emphasise collaboration with industry partners to encourage responsible innovation.