Press Clipping
BeatStars and Moises launch new AI-powered tools for musicians

We’ve heard a lot about AI being a tool for musicians rather than a threat to them. Two of the latest examples come from startups BeatStars and Moises.

Beats marketplace BeatStars has a new feature called ‘Seeds by Lemonaide‘, driven by a recent partnership with AI music startup Lemonaide.

It will generate short melodies and chord progressions as a ‘starting point’ for beatmakers’ tracks – a comparable feature to BandLab’s ‘SongStarter’ which launched last year.

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On BeatStars, the new ‘Seeds’ feature will be part of its Starter and Professional subscription plans.

Meanwhile, Moises has made its name as an app using AI to remove or isolate vocals and instruments in tracks as well as adjusting their speed and pitch – designed to help musicians who are practising.

This week it has added three more tools: AI lyrics transcription is self-explanatory, while ‘Advanced Chords’ offers more accurate chord detection, including more complex ones used in genres like jazz.

Finally ‘Song Sections’ uses AI to detect and loop sections of songs (intros, verses, bridges etc) to aid practice sessions.