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Partners Rally For Ethical AI Creative Tools

BeatStars, a leader in beat buying and selling, is partnering with artificial intelligence (AI) music startup Lemonaide to support creators with ethical AI tools. Sharing a commitment to empower creators and their craft, the companies focus on setting an ethical standard for the music industry’s adoption of AI.

BeatStars Founder and CEO Abe Batshon and Lemonaide Co-Founder and CEO Michael “MJ” Jacob were artists before launching their respective music tech companies. They aim to establish a precedent for ethical AI business models in the music industry by creating tools to empower and inspire while partnering openly with the creator community to evolve AI tools the right way.

One key differentiator of this partnership is the commitment by both companies to only use ethically-sourced AI. Created by musicians, Lemonaide’s AI promises to help music producers find new ways to write, produce, and create. To inspire rather than generate complete works, Lemonaide purposefully generates short musical ideas to spark inspiration, push creative boundaries, and pull artists out of creative slumps.

Lemonaide trains its AI exclusively on voluntarily-contributed data from producers. Allegedly, this approach ensures creators’ active involvement in the training process and compensation for their contributions.

Ready to boogie to the AI beat but thirst for greater enlightenment? Well, thirst no more and drink of the knowledge available on the BeatStars and Lemonaide websites.

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